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The Black Inmate Commissary Fund (BICF) redistributes resources and empowers currently and formerly incarcerated through the following actions:

  • Commissary deposits 

  • Book donations

  • Family assistance stipends

  • Re-entry and rehabilitation support and empowerment programs


See below for more information on each of our active programs. Please contact us if you have any  have any questions on any of our programs or want to partner with us. 


Insiders provides direct support to those on the currently and formerly incarcerated.


Financial support is provided through:

  • Commissary deposits to currently incarcerated individuals

  • Re-entry and rehabilitation stipends to formerly incarcerated individuals

  • Family assistance

Non-financial support through fulfilling needs for items and services.

  • Hit 'Em Up provides direct mental health support through matching incarcerated people based on their needs with mental health professionals through scheduled calls.


The Amada Land Trust (ALT), a cooperative land use project, will be a site of sanctuary, healing, and autonomy for Black, Indigenous, and people of color re-entering society after incarceration.

Based on research derived from working and building relationships with communities impacted by mass incarceration, ALT will offer:

  • Tangible and intentional mutual aid 

  • Holistic rehabilitation

  • Housing and food security

  • Connections to health & wellness, counseling, legal, and other services

This program is self-sustaining through sustainable organic farming, composting, and hemp farming initiatives.


Beyond Trenches is a political education and service providing initiative built to serve marginalized communities based in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. 

Bi-yearly, this program offer resources and services through:

  • Beyond Trenches, a resource guide, political education, and art publication for currently and formerly incarcerated and families. 

  • Restoration and Rehabilitation events which provide free services, such as showers, haircuts, food, counseling, and legal advice.

Beyond Trenches Graphic (1).png

Bring Us Books is a book donation program aiming to empower the incarcerated mind through books, academic literature, and political education. 

Individual supporters provide general donations and/or are matched with an incarcerated person for whom they can purchase books to be sent directly to the institution.


BICF strategizes to push policy changes make it easier for books to be donated. Georgia, in particular, has many barriers that prevent book donated to incarcerated people.

Email to send an inquiry directly to the program director.

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Deeper Than Ink, in partnership with local, Atlanta-based tattoo artist, Snow Ink (@snowinkcrazy), is a 2-part program that will provide:

  • Free prison tattoo cover-ups for 10 formerly incarcerated people per month.

  • A tattoo apprenticeship and starter equipment/supplies for 3 formerly incarcerated tattoo artists or aspiring artists. Applicants will be selected based on their application and portfolio submissions.

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From Bars to Bars, in partnership with Gangstas to Growers/Come Up Project and D.A.M.N. Entertainment, will provide:

  • Professional skills and guidance in the entertainment industry.

  • Learning and focus areas include:

    • Creating and launching their own project

    • Music entrepreneurship (talent scouting, proposal pitches, music production)

Email to send an inquiry directly to the program director.

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